R82 Sandals

We proudly present a new range of width adjustable sandals

15 May 2023

The sandals are available in three sizes – medium, large and x-large – in reference to the existing range of sandals.

The size 4, x-large sandal, is particularly prominent as this is the next size up from what we have had so far.

A universal series is available for use on Caribou, Gazelle, Rabbit Up and Toucan, whereas a separate series has been made for Meerkat due to the different attachment method. 

Read more about the new sandals Meerkat here

Read more about the new sandals for Caribou, Gazelle PS, Rabbit Up & Toucan here

The new sandals are compatible with all the R82 standing frames.
Please have a look at the combination overview here

These sandals come as standard with adjustable straps across the ankles. As an optional extra, fix-locks can be fitted to the front of the sandals (like shown on the photo) where additional straps across the forefeet can then be fitted.

Read more about the extra fix-locks





R82 Caribou

The Caribou is a standing frame that supports a prone or supine standing position.

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R82 Gazelle PS

Gazelle PS stands for Prone and Supine which means it can be used by children who need to be supported on their fronts or backs

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R82 Rabbit Up

The Rabbit Up is a truly adaptable stander. It is secure, reliable and adjustable, while also offering the independence to explore using the optional driving, quick release wheels.

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R82 Toucan

The Toucan standing frame comes with soft curves and smart colours. It is designed to support the user in the upright and prone position.

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R82 Meerkat

The Meerkat is a simple upright standing frame with adjustable support for feet, knees, pelvis and chest.

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