Immedia 2Move

Transfer board for horizontal transfer

The transfer board 2Move bridges the gap between two horizontal surfaces and alters the height difference if needed. The transfer board is used for horizontal transfer between beds, bed to shower trolley, bed to X-ray table, stretcher to bed, etc.

Easy to store
2Move is easy to transport and store due to its low weight of only 1.5 kg and since it is foldable. The handles facilitate carrying and make hanging up the transfer board easy.

2Move is always used with a low-friction cover (accessory), which slides around the board, minimising friction and facilitating the transfer. 2Move is available in 4 options: Large foldable, Small, X-Large foldable and Large non-foldable.


Immedia 2Move


Place the Immedia 2Move halfway under the users body. Place the user's head and feet on the Immedia 2Move.
Immedia 2Move


Place the two horizontal surfaces close to each other. One caregiver tilts and pushes the user towards the Immedia 2Move. A second caregiver pulls the user towards the stretcher.
Immedia 2Move


When the transfer is complete, remove the Immedia 2Move.

Variants and details

Specifications for all variants
Maximum user weight (kg) 300
Item number
Length (mm)
Product includes
Width (mm)
2Move Transfer Board S IM8050095 950 Plastazote - 490
2Move Transfer Board L IM8050190 1900 Plastazote - 490
2Move Transfer Board XL IM8070190 1900 Plastazote - 700
2Move Transfer Board L non-foldable IM8150190 1900 Plastazote - 490
2Move S set IM4319 - - IM8050095 + IM4047 -
2Move L set IM4318 - - IM8050190 + IM4048 -
2Move L non-foldable set IM4320 1900 - IM8150190 + IM4048 490
2Move XL set IM4321 1900 - IM8070190 + IM4049 700


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