R82 Stingray

Stingray is a superbly stylish buggy with tool free adjustment of postural support and unique swivel action for forward/rearward facing options.

The carbon frame with its trendsetting design encourages any family to go out together. The Stingray is in a league of its own.

Adjustments, comfort and lightness of steering are keywords for this buggy. The Stingray makes it possible to change from forward to rearward facing with its 180° turnable seat when a child is seated. The child is always comfortably seated, whilst the various angle adjustments makes it easy to find exactly the position they need. The Stingray has supreme driving properties, fantastic suspension and with the safe and stable brakes, security always has pride of place.

The Stingray is available in 2 sizes.


R82 Stingray

Tilt in space and back recline

Perfect seating position due to adjustable seat tilt and back angle adjustment. The seat unit tilts 45° and the back reclines down, allowing your child to rest during the walk.
R82 Stingray


The Stingray folds quickly and fits into almost any car. Fold the seat and frame units separately or altogether and pack it into your car - soon you will be on your way.
R82 Stingray

Safe transportation in vehicles

The Stingray complies with ISO 7176-19, for safe transportation in motor vehicles. The Stingray is approved for transportation of 40 kg user weight in vehicles.

Variants and details

Stingray seat Size 1
Stingray seat Size 2
Stingray Frame one size
Item number 8711x20 8712x20 872xxxx
Back height at shoulders (mm) 270-410 360-510 -
Back width (mm) 450 520 -
Backrest angle (°) 170 170 -
Backrest height (mm) 410-550 500-650 -
Effective back width (mm) 300 300 -
Effective seat depth (mm) 180-300 250-400 -
Effective seat width (mm) 300 350 -
Folded height (mm) 285 305 490
Folded length (mm) 575 575 900
Folded width (mm) 420 475 -
Foot plate (width & depth) (mm) - - 310x200
Footrest to seat distance (mm) 140-450 140-450 140-450
Leg to seat surface angle (°) (-30)-30 (-30)-30 (-30) - 30
Length with large front wheels (mm) - - 840
Length with turnable front wheels (mm) - - 740
Mass device (kg) 5.5 6.5 13.5
Maximum rated load (kg) 47.5 48.5 55.5
Maximum user mass (kg) 40 40 40
Maximum user mass in transportation (kg) 40 40 40
Minimum turning radius (mm) - - 1020
Overall height, push brace 15° (mm) - - 1000, 1030, 1060
Overall width (mm) - - 590
Seat plane angle (°) - - 45
Seat surface height at front edge (mm) - - 520
Static stability downhill (°) - - 10
Static stability sideways (°) - - 10
Static stability uphill (°) - - 10


Available in 7 different colours.








Available with either short or long foot rest bar.

Foot rest, short rod 18 cm

Only for size 1

Foot rest, long rod 31 cm

Available as solid or air wheels.

7" turnable front wheels, with directional stabiliser.

Available as solid or air wheels.

12” No swivel option.

Available as solid or air wheels.

Available with individual or central foot brake.


Available with or without handbrake.

With hand brakes

Without hand brakes

Available in 2 sizes.

Stingray seat size 1

Stingray seat size 2



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