Business ethics

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Etac is a global company with strong ethical values, that emphasizes the importance of doing business that generates long-term value and trust. We comply with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, including standards on ethical business and anti-corruption, and conduct all our activities in accordance with high standards of corporate best practice.


Code of Conduct

Etac’s Code of Conduct applies to all employees within the Group and is primarily based on the ten principles of the UN Global Compact. Our Code of Conduct serves to protect human rights and to promote fair employment conditions, safe working conditions and responsible management of our environmental impact as well as to ensure high ethical standards.

Zero tolerance for corruption
Etac is a firm believer in free enterprise and fair competition on equal conditions and has a zero tolerance for any form of bribery, fraud, corruption or actions that would give wrongful benefits.


Whistleblowing center

Etac strives for a high standard of openness, honesty and responsibility, and our long-term success is built on making business in a fair and ethical way. In line with this, we expect all employees and external stakeholders who collaborate with Etac to report if you have a serious concern about any part of Etac's work.

Report misconduct