COVID-19: Safe patient handling

Supporting aids for single patient use

The World Health Organization Guidance regarding the management of Covid-19 patients, stresses the importance of using disposable or dedicated equipment wherever possible.

In hectic situations when there is a high demand for ventilatory support, it is especially important to have the right tools and supporting aids available during the entire stay at the hospital. Both when it comes to reducing the risk of cross-contamination as well as ease the job for the caregivers and early mobilization of the patients.

Etac offers a variety of single patient use equipment for patient handling:

  • Minimize risk for cross-contamination and reduce risk for infection
  • Can be used multiple times of the same patient
  • Reduces heavy lifting and overload for caregivers
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Supporting aids for turning patients

Prone positioning has been used for many years to improve oxygenation in patients who require mechanical ventilatory support for the management of acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). In adult patients with severe ARDS, prone ventilation for 12–16 hours per day is recommended.* 

Prone positioning is not just for Covid-19 patients, but a well-known treatment for long term patients in intensive care. However, this maneuver is not risk-free and from a patient handling perspective, work-related injuries are one obvious risk for the caregivers.

Etac offers three different solutions for turning a patient into prone positioning - Immedia MultiGlide, Immedia SatinSheet and Immedia 4WayGlide. Regardless if there is a need for an SPU slide sheet or a more advanced in-bed system, Etac offers a variety of solutions for turning a patient into prone positioning.

*Clinical publication from WHO; Clinical management of severe acute respiratory infection when COVID-19 is suspected



How to turn a patient to prone and back to supine again using Immedia SatinSheet, 4wayGlide and the MultiGlide SPU sheets.

Rehabilitation after Covid-19

The recovery time for a patient who has been ill with Covid-19 varies. Patients who have been bedridden for a period often experience muscle weakness, impaired lung function, fatigue and lack of energy for a long time afterwards. It is therefore very important to gradually try to get back to normal life. The first step is to sit on the edge of the bed to be able to stand and walk short distances. Gentle training such as short walks can be a start to regain strength and muscle strength.

Etac offers a wide range of aids that facilitate rehabilitation for both the patient and the caregiver - some examples are the sit-to-stand transfer platforms Molift Raiser Pro and Etac Turner Pro and the mobile hoist Molift Mover 300 with arm support. 

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