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Star Sentinel, powered by Kalogon

Star Sentinel, powered by Kalogon

‘Sentinel’ is an English word meaning - A guard that keeps constant watch and alerts to problems.

Sentinel constantly monitors the cushion's air pressure against the saved clinically set level of air and adjusts the cushion accordingly.

Sentinel, for control and simplicity, enabling everyday peace of mind.




Air management system

Once the clinical pressure level is set, Sentinel continuously monitors the cushion, manages the pressure and automatically adjusts the level of air accordingly.


Sentinel continuously monitors and adjusts the vertical air cell cushion throughout the day and will alert you to any issues detected.

Optional app

For those who want control throughout the day, Sentinel comes with an optional app in which you can control and create settings that work for you.


Sentinel - Smart innovative technology

Sentinel's smart, innovative and easy-to-use technology takes your experience to another level, providing simple control an peace of mind.

  • Automatically detects when the user is on and off the cushion, continuously monitors and adjusts the level of air to the clinically set level.
  • Adjusts for altitude and environmental changes.
  • Alerts to any detected issues.

Sentinel is compatible with Star´s single-chamber vertical air cell cushions, StabilAir and Standard Air.

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Easy setup and maintained pressure

Sentinel provides an easy setup as the cushion can be set up directly from the Sentinel device or App, removing the need for a hand pump. In turn, this enables the clinician to set the recommended pressure level. Sentinel will then maintain the pressure level wherever or however you spend your day.




Sentinel + StabilAir - The perfect combination

Sentinel and StabilAir make the perfect combination for a 'go anywhere' wheelchair seating cushion without the complexity of a locking mechanism.

StabilAir contains baffles specially designed to slow the movement of air, which creates additional stability without the complexity of different cushion compartments.

Sentinel + StabilAir together provide the ultimate air cushion — a cushion which automatically adjusts to changes in altitude or wheelchair tilt angle.

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