R82 Kudu

Kudu is a practical indoor and outdoor wheelchair which combines form and functionality to provide the right fit and support for a comfortable posture.

It comes in 4 sizes and has many features that are adjustable as the child grows. Kudu has been designed to offer exceptional adjustability. Backrest height and seat depth can be extended without having to change cushions. The cushions have a one-piece removable upholstery that provides comfort for the child and brings simplicity to the overall design.

A significant feature on the Kudu is the self-centering tilt-in-space that provides effortless tilting of the seat while maintaining optimum balance. Kudu remains stable with the back reclined and the self-centering tilt-in-space activated. Ergonomic considerations have been taken into account to enhance the child’s comfort and minimize the caregiver’s effort when manoeuvring the wheelchair. Kudu is designed with a facility to change the back recline angle without tools. For convenient transportation purposes, the back rest can be collapsed horizontally and the wheels can be removed.


R82 Kudu

Growth adaptable

The base of the seat and the back rest are equipped with a mechanism that makes it possible to adjust height and depth as well as mount fix-locks for vest and belts.
R82 Kudu

Tilt-in-space and back recline

The curved tilt-in-space beam ensures the stability of the wheelchair and allows adjustment of the tilt-in-space with a minimum amount of effort of caregivers. The angle between the back and seat can be adjusted using the back recline.
R82 Kudu

Position of the rear wheels

The rear wheels can be mounted in three different horizontal positions, to establish the best position of the center of gravity for the individual user. The frame of Kudu is short and compact which makes it easy to maneuver.
R82 Kudu

Secure and Portable Transportation

The Kudu complies with ISO 7176-19 for transporting children in motor vehicles (max. 57 kg).

Variants and details

Kudu Size 1
Kudu Size 2
Kudu Size 3
Kudu Size 4
Item number 951xxxxxxx 952xxxxxxx 953xxxxxxx 954xxxxxxx
Armrest to seat distance (mm) 138–198 138–198 138–198 138–198
Backrest angle (°) (–5)–30 (–5)–30 (–5)–30 (–5)–30
Backrest height (mm) 370–460 400–520 430–580 430–630
Effective seat depth (mm) 220–320 270–370 310–410 350–450
Effective seat width (mm) 260 300 340 380
Folded height (mm) 625 625 625 625
Folded length (mm) 825 825 875 875
Footrest to seat distance, centrally mounted (mm) 160–310 160–380 260–450 260–450
Footrest to seat distance, parted (mm) 250–350 300–480 300–480
Front location of arm rest structure (mm) 590 590 640 640
Horizontal location of axle (mm) 146–196 146–196 146–196 146–196
Leg to seat surface angle, centrally mounted footrest (°) 55–180 55–180 55–180 55–180
Leg to seat surface angle, parted footrest (°) 105 105 105 105
Mass device (kg) 19 21 23 25
Mass of the heaviest part (kg) 13 15 17 19
Maximum rated load (kg) 61 73 85 87
Maximum user mass (kg) 40 50 60 70
Maximum user mass in transportation (kg) 40 50 60 70
Minimum turning radius (mm) 823 823 823 823
Overall height to backrest (mm) 940 1000 1060 1110
Overall height to pushbrace (mm) 940 940 940 940
Overall length (mm) 690 690 740 740
Overall width (mm) 605 645 685 725
Overall width 12" wheels (mm) 505 545 585 625
Overall width 16" wheels (mm) 505 545 585 625
Overall width 20/22/24 wheels with camber (mm) 605 645 685 725
Overall width 20/22/24" wheels without camber (mm) 500 540 580 620
Required width of right angled corridor (mm) 1000 1000 1100 1100
Seat plane angle (°) (–3)–45 (–3)–45 (–3)–45 (–3)–45
Seat surface height at front edge (mm) 480 480 480 480
Static stability downhill (°) 10 10 10 10
Static stability sideways (°) 10 10 10 10
Static stability uphill (°) 10 10 10 10
Width front wheels (mm) 550 590 630 670

Angles: Back recline (-5° to 30°), Self centering tilt in space (-3° to 45°).
Measurements: The Kudu measurements above are based on the use of 22” rear wheels, 6” front wheels, angle adjustable push braces and parted foot rests. Different settings may result in another set of measurements. To achieve some of the measurements above, slight adjustments might be required. As we supply various types of accessories, the weight is listed without.


Available in 3 colours

Anthracite grey



Kudu Cushions

The cushions comes with a one piece removable cover that provides comfort for the child and brings simplicity to the overall design.

Contoured cushions

The cushions comes with a one piece removable cover that provides comfort for the child and brings simplicity to the overall design.

No cushions

Choice of no cushion.

Push brace

Push handles

Choose from the different types of foot supports

Parted footrests

When you choose the parted foot rest, you have three recline options to choose from: Stepless recline, Fixed recline or Recline by lever. (Available for size 2+3+4).

Foot plate, centrally mounted

Choose from the different sizes of rear wheels. 20”, 22” or 24” come as standard with quick release

12½”/16” solid or air

Not quick release

20”/22”/24” solid or air

With quick release

Wheel brakes (available for 20”, 22” and 24”)

Drum brakes

Choose from the different sizes of front wheels

6” solid front wheels

7” solid or air front wheels (Can be combined with 22” and 24” rear wheels)

Can be combined with 22” and 24” rear wheels.

Spoke protectors

For wheel size 20", 22" or 24"


Swing-away anti tip device.


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