Etac My-Loo fixed

Raised toilet seat with fixed mounting and a patented arm support solution

My-Loo enables users with reduced mobility or balance problems to manage toilet visits independently and safely. With a unique, patented arm support solution, a well-designed seat and quick, simple installation, the raised toilet seat offers a high level of comfort and ease of use.

An extra-large seat opening and generous hygiene recesses make personal hygiene easier. The sturdy armrests can be conveniently folded up and down with no pinching risk for the user.

My-Loo belongs to a whole new generation of smart products from Etac that we call “Next Level”. Products that have been developed to give independence with dignity and create new opportunities for users and prescribers.

Discover My-Loo

Next Level toilet aids

My-Loo was designed with the ambition to challenge conventions and take toilet aids to the next level. With its gently sweeping lines and excellent ergonomics, it is truly an innovative toilet seat raiser. Something that is further reinforced by receiving the Red Dot Design award – a renowned seal of quality for excellent product design.

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Behind the scenes - Join us in the test lab

Did you know that we perform more tests on our Bathroom Aids than the standard requires? We call it extended Etac testing. The process is part of our determination to always deliver top-quality solutions, that are built to last. As a result, we offer all our products with long service lives and a 5-year warranty.

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Etac My-Loo fixed Adjustable armrests

Adjustable armrests

Using a unique, patented solution, the armrests can quickly and easily be adjusted in height. They are easily folded up and down with no pinching risk for the user. If needed My-Loo can be used with only one armrest.
Etac My-Loo fixed Spacious and practical

Spacious and practical

Generous recesses and an extra-large seat opening provide excellent accessibility. The raised toilet seat’s design, with free space around the seat, provides plenty of room for all body shapes
Etac My-Loo fixed Safe and comfortable

Safe and comfortable

With stable, easy-grip armrests and a well-designed seat, My-Loo makes toilet visits safe and comfortable for the user. For extra comfort, a soft seat can be added.
Etac My-Loo fixed Simple, convenient installation

Simple, convenient installation

Etac My-Loo is installed quickly and easily using an innovative new solution. Practical, quick nuts make it possible to attach the raised toilet seat from above. The seat and armrests can then be clicked smoothly into their brackets.

Variants and details

Item number
Height (mm)
Maximum user weight (kg)
Maximum user weight with supporting legs (kg)
Weight (kg)
Width between arm supports (mm)
Width outer, with arm supports (mm)
My-Loo fixed 2 cm, with armrests 80301510 20 150 200 3,2 480 570
My-Loo fixed 6 cm, with armrests 80301511 60 150 200 3,4 480 570
My-Loo fixed 10 cm, with armrests 80301512 100 150 200 3,7 480 570
My-Loo fixed 6 cm, without armrests 80301513 60 150 - 2,2 - -
My-Loo fixed 10 cm, without armrests 80301514 100 150 - 2,4 - -


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