Immedia Dolphin

A sturdy and stable transfer board for toilet visits

The Dolphin is a reliable transfer board designed for transfer to and from the toilet.

With its low-friction upper surface, individuals can easily slide across the board, ensuring smooth and comfortable transfers. The board's non-slip pads on the underside provide exceptional stability and reduce the risk of unwanted movements during transfers.

The cutouts for the wheelchair wheel contribute to safe positioning. Its unique round cutout allows users to remain seated on the board during toilet visits, ensuring comfort and ease of use.

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How to choose the right glide board

Immedia has six different types of sliding boards in different sizes, all designed to help wheelchair users move in a seated position in versatile situations, for example, to/from a bed, a chair, a car seat, a toilet or the like.

However, there are many parameters to take into account when choosing a glide board. Use our guide to help you find the right one!
Immedia - Glide board selector 800x450 v1.1.jpg

Glide board selector

Utilize this algorithm alongside the user manual for the relevant glide board to determine the appropriate choice for the user. It is important that the glide board has been tested with the individual user and for the intended transfer situation.
The algorithm in the selector acts as a tool to provide helpful direction in the selection of glide boards related to the intended use. Results should only be regarded as a principal guideline and do not substitute the need for individual assessments performed by competent carers for each individual user/patient.


Immedia Dolphin - designed for toilet visits

Designed for toilet visits

A stable and sturdy toilet board uniquely designed for transfers to the toilet.
Immedia Dolphin - high friction backside

High friction on the underside

Thanks to the non-slip material with high friction, the board remains stable on the toilet during the visit.
Immedia Dolphin - cutout for wheelchairs

Cutout for wheelchairs

The board has cutouts for the wheelchair wheel to enhance stable and safe transfer.
Immedia Dolphin - Remains during the toilet visit

Remains during the toilet visit

The round cutout allows the user to remain seated on the board during the toilet visit.

Variants and details

Item number
Length (mm)
Maximum user weight (kg)
Dolphin ToiletBoard IM409 White 690 Fiberglass 150


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