Immedia PediTurn

Swivel cushion for the floor

The PediTurn is a swivel cushion that facilitates transfer between sitting positions, such as bed to wheelchair. It is used when the user has difficulty moving their feet during the transfer. Its non-slip surface prevents feet from sliding out of position.

Available in two options

  • PediTurn Soft is a soft cushion suitable when the user is not wearing shoes.
  • PediTurn Hard is a rigid plate suitable for the user wearing shoes.


Immedia PediTurn - Minimizes the strain

Minimises the strain

The PediTurn minimises the strain on the knees and ankles when moving between sitting areas.
Immedia PediTurn soft

Soft - for bare feet

PediTurn Soft has a thin, soft cushion and a non-slip surface - suitable when the user is not wearing shoes.
Hard - for feet with shoes

Hard - for feet with shoes

PediTurn Hard, with a hard plate, is best suited when the user is wearing shoes.
Immedia PediTurn - Storage


When the PediTurn is not in use, it can be easily hung up in a suitable storage location.

Variants and details

Item number
Back material
Diameter (mm)
Fixing material
Inside material
Maximum user weight (kg)
Top material
PediTurn Soft IM99836GT Polyester, TPE - 400 Brass/steel Nylon 150 Toughtek
PediTurn Hard IM99700 ABS/TPU Grey 380 Brass/steel HDPE 150 ABS/TPU

Can be wiped off.


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