Molift Transfer Pro

Enhancing seated transfers - empowering mobility

Elevate user care and the well-being of carers

A transfer is not only a physical movement but also a crucial part of a user's rehabilitation and maintenance of their physical ability. Molift Transfer Pro aims to improve the overall healthcare environment, ensure safety and promote the well-being of both users and caregivers.

Caregivers play an essential role in the well-being of individuals, but they are often exposed to risks to their safety and health during their duties. Molift Transfer Pro solves these challenges and provides essential support to caregivers. This contributes to a caring and sustainable workforce, allowing caregivers to thrive while maintaining their well-being.


Natural movement pattern

A natural movement pattern refers to how humans naturally move their bodies during activities in daily life. These natural movement patterns are inherent to human physiology and have evolved to facilitate activities such as standing up and sitting down.

Molift Transfer Pro supports the natural movement pattern by allowing feet to be placed under the user, and the spacious design of the handle makes it possible for the user to lean forward when getting up from the seat.


Early mobilisation

With Molift Transfer Pro, the patient can start mobilising early, even in the hospital’s intensive care unit and can be used to help the user regain mobility. From improving balance and sitting on the bedside to standing up, Molift Transfer Pro transfers a person from one sitting surface to another. It allows the patient to practice daily tasks and to improve their ability and strength. The thoughtful ergonomic design of Molift Transfer Pro makes it the perfect choice for seated transfers in hospitals, care settings and home environments.  

Erconomics for the caregiver

5.1 Ergonomic grip - Card item block

Ergonomic grip

No matter who the caregiver is, the spacious handle provides an ergonomic grip that suits everyone.

Molift Transfer Pro_Etac Swift Mobil Tilt-2_ Hospital copy.jpg

Easy manoeuvring

Thanks to high-quality wheels, it is very easy to manoeuvre even in small spaces like the bathroom.

5.3 Central brake - Card item block

Central brake

The central brake can be activated effortlessly with a one-foot touch, effectively locking both wheels.

5.4 Seat pads - Card item block

Seat pads with easy grip

The seat pads' incut edges provide a comfortable grip, making folding them up and down easy.

Ergonomics for the patient

6.1 Spacious handle - Card item block

Multiple grip options

The handle provides the patient with diverse grip options, ensuring both comfort and ergonomic movement.

6.2 Leg support - Card item block

Comfort for the shins

The soft padded leg support adapts smoothly to the shins and provides pleasant user comfort.

6.3 Low step-in height - Card item block

Easy and stable position of feet

The low step-in height and sloped edge facilitate easy foot positioning, while the high-friction footplate ensures stability.

Molift Transfer Pro_Movement pattern_web.jpg

Natural movement pattern

Supports natural movement with feet placed underneath and a spacious handle enabling forward-leaning during sit-to-stand.

Molift Transfer Pro features

A thoughtful combination of ergonomic and technical design for optimal benefits

1: Versatile handle
The ergonomic handle offers users multiple grip options at various heights, while the separate angled caregiver handle helps minimize the risk of contamination.

2: Uniquely designed seat pads
The seat pad, made of soft closed-cell foam with incut edges, allows many grip options and folds under the user with a simple hand grip.

3: Easy attachment of accessories
Easily accessible attachment points on the sides of the handle for applying the assist accessories.

4: Compliant leg support 
With the swivel function, the leg support follows the user's legs, and the cut-outs provide space for the knees and upper shins.

5: Leg clearance
The leg clearance is only 100 mm, making accessing low furniture easy.

Features_numbers_image 800x935.jpg

6: Low step-in height
The 56 mm low step-in height and sloped edge simplify the user's positioning of the feet.

7: Footplate with high friction
The footplate has a high-friction removable inlay with contours for the feet.

8: Easy leg adjustment 
One pedal allows easy adjustment of the leg spread, and the width gives access to a wide range of chairs.  

9: Central brake with auditive feedback
The central brake ensures the simultaneous locking of both wheels, regardless of their positioning, while providing auditory and visual feedback.

10. Minimum force to turn
The device needs minimal force when pushing/pulling, and the turning diameter measures 1030 mm with legs closed and 1146 mm with legs open.