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Molift Transfer Pro launch

Enhancing seated transfers - empowering mobility 

18 March 2024

At Etac, we know that a transfer is not just a movement but vital for patient rehabilitation and maintaining physical abilities. We are excited to present the Molift Transfer Pro, which provides comfortable and safe seated transfers, reduces the strain on caregivers, and enables early rehabilitation. 

The Molift Transfer Pro supports patients in utilizing their physical abilities and enables single-handed care, ensuring a safer and healthier care environment for patients and caregivers. With the Molift Transfer Pro, caregivers can effortlessly transfer patients from one seated position to another without discomfort or strain. 

Discover the Molift Transfer Pro and experience the difference in patient care. 



Molift Transfer pro

Molift Transfer Pro is a sit-to-stand device optimised for seated transfers that contributes to a safe and healthy care environment for both the patient and the caregiver.

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