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Reduce work-related injuries for caregivers

HoverMatt air-assisted transfer system facilitates patient care and reduces work-related injuries for caregivers, which contributes to a higher standard of care.

2 April 2024

HoverTech has been helping hospital staff for over 20 years to transfer and reposition patients in a healthy way to reduce work-related injuries.

Etac has been the majority owner of HoverTech since 2019, and we are now delighted to announce that  as of yesterday, 1st April, Etac now manages the distribution of all HoverTech products in the UK and Ireland.

The HoverMatt air-assisted transfer system includes a range of multifunctional products that make patient transfers, boosting and repositioning easier — at the same time, improving the caregiver's work-related health by reducing injuries related to lateral movements and repositioning.
An air cushion under the inflated HoverMatt reduces the force required to move a patient by 80-90%. This enables caregivers to move patients without lifting or straining safely and reduces injuries related to lateral movements and repositioning.

Our new "Hospital team" headed up by Will Kelly looks forward to building on the work done by CJ Medical in recent years.