Molift RgoSling Active

The ideal sling solution for active transfers with Molift Quick Raiser 205

  • Comfortable padded sit to stand support
  • Self adjusting sliding loops
  • 4-point active sling bar

Active lifting
Molift RgoSling Active is a padded sling developed for active lifting with Molift QuickRaiser 205. It provides perfect lumbar support and is the ideal sling solution for lifting and moving between different sitting positions.

Comfortable and easy transfer
The RgoSling Active is quickly and easily placed around the user. It has an efficient anti-slip lining to prevent the sling from sliding up the user during transfer. The wide back-support distributes weight and pressure evenly over a large surface, which makes it more comfortable for the user. The waist belt provides additional support and stability. The sliding loops self-adjust to the size of the user and provide additional grip and support around the hips when standing.


Molift RgoSling Active

4-point active sling bar with sliding loops

4-point Active sling bar is unique to the Molift Quick Raiser 205 and is used with the Rgosling Active to facilitate a stable, safe and comfortable transfer for the user.
Molift RgoSling Active

Flip-up labeling system

Clear and visible information for everyday need. Maintenance information flips up behind the main label.

Standard specifications

Specifications common for all sizes
Material Polyester Maximum user weight (lbs) 660
Item number
Height (inch)
Waist size (inch)
XS 1720910 14.6 19.5-27.5
S 1720920 16.1 23.5-31.5
M 1720930 16.5 29.5-37.3
L 1720940 16.5 37.3-47.3
XL 1720950 16.5 47.3-55.0

The sling has an expected lifetime of 1 to 5 years under normal use. Washing at higher temperatures wears out the material faster. The sling must be inspected regularly, preferably prior to each lifting operation, but especially after it has been washed. Make sure not to damage or remove labels when cleaning.


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