Rabbit Up tray with bowl quick release low mount 862525_kit_1.jpg

Quick Release Tray

for Rabbit Up

3 October 2023

The ultra-quick conversion of the Rabbit Up from being a static standing frame to becoming a unit with driving wheels for self-propelling underlines the utility of a quick-release tray. The tray is the one with bowl and plate as known from Toucan and it can be equipped with arm rests, toy bar and grip handle.

It mounts around the rod of the chest support and can be adjusted up/down independently of it. It can quickly be removed for accessibility to the driving wheels.

Furthermore, a low-mount kit is available where the attachment is done into the center bar. This positions the tray at a very low height.

Whichever way the tray is mounted, it can be angled and adjusted in/out for the optimum fit for the user in whichever position is chosen.

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R82 Rabbit Up

The Rabbit Up is a truly adaptable stander. It is secure, reliable and adjustable, while also offering the independence to explore using the optional driving, quick release wheels.

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