Add-On Extended foot supports

By moving your feet, even if it´s small movements, you promote blood circulation and you´ll get activation from your hips down, which helps to avoid agitation, pain and discomfort by being too still, while sitting in a wheelchair. Small movements can especially be beneficial to an individual who has always previously been walking.

The extended footplates comes in three sizes

  • Small - 250 x 225 mm (One piece)
  • Medium - 150 x 225 mm (Left and right)
  • Large - 200 x 225 mm (Left and right)

Foot plates Medium and Large (left and right) can be used separate or in pairs. Medium and Large can be linked together as a platform.

Screws and bolts and 30 cm anti-slip tape is included.


  • Use the widened castor housing to avoid a collision.
  • All foot plates require drilling.
  • Drill template is included.

The extended foot plates are a part of Etac Add-On footplate system with Extended foot plates, Foot box and Distal thigh support.

Variants and details

Item number
Compatible with
Small, One piece - Add-On Extended foot plate 28774 Prio seat width 40-45 cm, Cross seat width 35-50 cm
Medium. Left - Extended foot plate 28775-1 Prio seat depth 40-45 cm, Cross seat depth 40-47.5 cm
Medium. Right - Extended foot plate 28775-2 Prio seat depth 40-45 cm, Cross seat depth 40-47.5 cm
Large. Left - Extended foot plate 28776-1 Prio seat width 50-55 cm, Cross seat width 50-52.5 cm
Large. Right - Etac Extended foot plate 28776-2 Prio seat width 50-55 cm


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