Molift RgoSling MediumBack Plus

Comfortable with full-body support for plus size users weighing from 160 kg

RgoSling MediumBack Plus is designed for plus size users weighing over 160 kg. The sling allows the lifting of heavy users in a safe and comfortable way.

RgoSling MediumBack Plus provides full body support. It has a split leg opening and six straps with fixed loops at four heights. If head support is needed, a separate headrest can be used in combination with the sling.

There are several considerations when caring for a plus size user, such as weight, body shape and medical condition. It is also important to enable care with compassion and dignity.

The sling is intended to be used in combination with a 4-point sling bar.


Full-body support

Full-body support

The sling is supporting the whole body.
Full-body support

Height options

Straps with fixed loops and multiple height options
Colour coded straps

Colour coded loops

Colour coded hoisting loops help to find an individual fit.


Padded comfortable leg-support with dual straps

Variants and details

Item number
Height (mm)
Leg support opening width (mm)
L 1721940 650 480
XL 1721950 680 600


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