Immedia 4WayGlide Maxi

For plus size users and wider beds

The standard Glide Mattress has a cotton/polyester upper. Handles on the inside improve grip and allow attachment to a hoist. Optional Glide Mattress has a polyurethane topside. Handles on the inside enhance the handgrip and allow attachment to a hoist.

The surface is wipe-clean. 4WayGlide Maxi has net enforcement to strengthen the product. The standard nylon sheet has a unique Lock-On Sheet function and non-slip material along the bedside. It is combined with the 4WayGlide Maxi Mattress for wider beds or bariatric users.


Immedia in-bed systems booklet cover 800x450.png

In-bed systems - Product selector guide

There are many factors to consider when choosing an in-bed system. It’s a fine balance between keeping the ability and mobility of the user going and creating a safe working environment for the carer. We hope this new booklet and the Selection Guide pp. 6-7 will help when deciding.
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Pressure mapping

Immedia in-bed systems improve the working environment for caregivers and minimise shearing for bedridden people. But is the function of a pressure-relieving mattress affected by the in-bed system? Why do pressure mapping and how is it performed?

Variants and details

Specifications for all variants
Maximum user weight (kg) 300
Item number
Length (mm)
Width (mm)
4WayGlide quilted draw sheet - Maxi. Cotton IM180/200LPL 2100 Polyester, cotton, polyester fibre, nylon 1800
4WayGlide quilted draw sheet - Maxi. PU IM180/200GLPL 2100 Polyurethane, polyester fibre, net reinforcement, nylon 1800
4WayGlide Nylon base sheet Maxi w/lock IM110/200LPLNS 2050 Nylon 1100
4WayGlide Nylon base sheet IM120/200 2050 Nylon 1200
4WayGlide Nylon base sheet Maxi w/lock IM120/2003LPL 2000 Nylon 1200


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