The ergonomic transfer platform

The development of the Molift Raiser Pro transfer platform started from a holistic ergonomic perspective. With the most important question in mind, we asked ourselves, “how can we improve ergonomics for both users and carers?”

The human factor that matters
True ergonomics is the science of designing to physically fit the human,

as opposed to forcing the human body to fit the design.

Improving ergonomics

Successful ergonomic product design contributes to a lower level of injuries and physical exhaustion. 

To develop and improve a product like Molift Raiser Pro, knowledge and experience from users and caregivers are needed. Together we have developed the appreciated product Raiser into Raiser Pro - an even better product with several changes and improvements. The majority of the improvements have come from an ergonomic perspective. A product adaptation includes not only physical but also psychological, tactile and other aspects - what is often called "human factors"

Molift Raiser Pro has a thoughtful ergonomic design down to the smallest detail. For example, leg support that is adapted to both the carer and the user in many ways.



A win-win solution

Accidents are common when carers are transferring users several times a day. Molift Raiser Pro is designed to create a win-win situation. It takes advantage of the user’s natural movement pattern and reduces the risk of carer injuries. A win-win for both the user and the carer.


Early mobilisation

With Molift Raiser Pro, the user can start mobilising early, even in the hospital’s intensive care unit and can be used to help the user regain mobility. From improving balance, sitting on the bedside to standing up, Molift Raiser Pro is used for transferring a person from one sitting surface to another. It gives the user an opportunity to practice daily to improve their ability and strength. The thoughtful ergonomic design of Molift Raiser Pro makes it the perfect choice for short active transfers in hospitals, care settings and home environments. 

Ergonomics for the carer

Molift-Raiser-Pro-attachment points.jpg

Easily accessible attachment points

The attachment points are positioned on each side of the handle. The position and the design of the attachment points make it easier for the caregiver to attach the accessory strap.

Quick and easy adjustment

The height of the knee support is easily adjusted both from the left and the right side. The palm of the hand is supported on the pad while the fingers adjust the height using minimal force.

One-foot touch central brake

A central mechanism makes braking convenient for the carer. A one-foot touch on one side and you get auditive feedback when it’s activated. Safe and efficient.
Molift-Raiser-Pro-carried 450x250_transport (1).jpg

Easy to handle - easy to carry

Molift Raiser Pro base plate has a built-in handle in the front making it easy to carry. Release the two knobs and you’re ready to go. 

Ergonomics for the user

Molift-Raiser-Pro-leg-support 450x250.jpg

Leg support with natural movement

The leg support is soft, comfortable and follows the movement from sitting to standing. It also provides lateral support for the legs.
Molift-Raiser-Pro-hands 450x250.jpg

Intuitive and soft handle

The handle has a soft warm feel and is designed to provide optimal grip. The many grip possibilities offer both the user and carer a comfortable grip.
Molift-Raiser-Pro-base-plate 450x250.jpg

Curved design for easier toileting

The curved side of the base plate is adapted to cope with the design of a toilet. This makes it easier for the user to get closer.
Molift-Raiser-Pro-step-in-heigt 450x250.jpg

Low step-in height

The low step height of only 35 mm, facilitates boarding for the user. The edge also has an angle that makes boarding even easier.

The benefits of Molift Raiser Pro

Every little detail on Molift Raiser Pro has a thoughtful ergonomic design that provides benefits for both user and carer.


1: Optimal ergonomic grip
The handle has a soft warm feel and is designed to give optimal grip.

2: Double attachment points
Make it easier for the carer to attach the accessories when the attachment points are positioned on the sides of the handle.

3: Easy to clean
The leg support padding has closed cell foam which makes it easy to clean.

4: Auditive feedback
The central locking mechanism gives auditive feedback when the leg support is adjusted into position.

Additional benefits_image5.jpg


5: Low step-in height
The low step-in height, only 35 mm, facilitates boarding for the user. The edge also has an angle that makes boarding even easier.

6: Curved for toilet
The base plate has a curved side to cope with the design of a toilet. Makes it easier for the user to get closer.

7: Total width - only 540 mm
Total width of only 540 mm for accessibility in narrow doorways.

8: Brake with auditive feedback
The integrated brake function on the wheels gives auditive feedback when it is activated.