R82 Wombat Living

Functionality and height adjustment

When design meets function!

Through continued development and customer and therapist feedback, Wombat Living provides all features and benefits needed for a functional activity chair. Wombat Living is a cool activity chair for both children and teens. A fresh look with modern colours makes it suitable for use in any indoor environment. With the height adjustable frame, the seat goes all the way down to 29 cm above floor level, in combination with anterior tilt eases standing transfer and ensures that all unnecessary and repetitive lifting is avoided. The adjustable frame height also facilitates the opportunity for increased activity and participation in daily life such as playing ball with friends close to the floor and eating meals with the family at the dinner table. Wombat Living with its minimalist appearance with the discreet frame and unique fabric colours, make it fit anywhere. It is available in 3 sizes and can be configured to accommodate different needs for postural support through different cushions and a wide range of accessories.

The thoughtful design and mounting integrate the angle adjustable push brace with the chair. Use the push brace to assist the height and angle adjustment and angle it ‘up and away’ when it is not in use. Push handles and push brace for mounting on the back of the chair are available as accessories.

Wombat Living is equipped with either four 75 mm, 100 mm, or 125 mm smooth running castors, making the chair very easy to maneuver. All castors are equipped with brakes to secure a stable transfer in and out of the chair. A hand-operated or a foot-operated central brake system can be added for 100 mm castors for easy and quick handling.


It is not just about sitting...

If you appreciate good seating comfort as much as we do - Wombat Living is the chair for you! To meet various postural needs, the cushions are available in different sizes and shapes. The standard cushions provide good seating comfort, whilst the contoured cushions combine comfort with excellent support for both seat and back. For added support a lumbar support is available as an accessory. When seated – it is all about sitting with the right level of support for participation in activities. Therefore, Wombat Living is your next choice. 

A good seating position must:  

  • The use of the upper extremities and hands for activities like handwriting, eating and drinking
  • The use of communication aids and the child's speech performance
  • The ability to play and socialise with their peers
  • The independence of the child, thus reducing the need and attention of caregivers

Lean forward and be active

The Wombat Living has up to -10° anterior tilt and by changing the seat plane angle into the forward tilted position, the child is encouraged to shift its weight forward from the buttocks to the legs, initiating and  acilitating the transfer from sitting to standing. Furthermore, the feature reduces the seat surface height at the front edge, which makes transfer into the seated position easier for the smallest children. By being able to change seating position in the chair through tilt and back recline you can provide increased postural activity. This might decrease pain and fatigue so the child might increase its functional level and its level  of participation in activities of daily life and in social activities with peers. 


Height adjustment

The Wombat Living seat height can be adjusted all the way down to 29 cm and up to 70 cm above the floor, depending on the size and configuration. The height adjustable frame eases standing transfer in and out of the chair and helps ensure that unnecessary and repetitive lifting is avoided. 

At configuration you choose between four different ways to perform the height adjustment. The pedal mounted on the frame for either gas or hydraulic and the release handle mounted on the push brace for gas can be activated by the caregiver, while the power actuator can be activated both by the caregiver and the user. 

How-to videos