Etac Light cutlery with thick handles

Cutlery that enables a relaxed grip and makes eating easier when mobility in the hands and arms is restricted

Etac Light cutlery has a lightweight design and thick oval-shaped handles to provide a comfortable grip and reduce the strain on the hands. The soup spoon has a slightly longer and thinner handle. This facilitates a grip in the hollow between the thumb and the index finger, which is the most common way to use a soup spoon. To make cutting easier the knife handle has a slope to relieve the strain on the index finger and a specially designed sharp blade.


Etac Light cutlery

Etac Light cutlery facilitate eating when mobility in hands and arms are restricted. There are various models available and of course they are ­all lightweight.

All Light cutlery has a functional handle design and a shape that makes the grip stable and comfortable.

Each set of cutlery has its own unique shape and design according to its specific usage and to compensate for reduced hand function.


A functional grip when the muscle strength is very restricted.

Etac Light cutlery, thin handle. A functional grip when the muscle strength is very restricted.

Variants and details

Specifications for all variants
Material Utensil parts: Stainless steel Handle: ABS plastic
Item number
Length (mm)
Weight (g)
Fork, thick handle 80402002 180 27
Soup spoon, thick handle 80402004 220 37
Knife, thick handle 80402006 210 23
Dessert spoon, thick handle 80402007 180 30


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