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Stand, Rock & Roll

The importance of dynamic posture - How using dynamic equipment can improve movement in children with neurological impairments.

14 July 2021

We have launched a new workshop in your area, which explores the development pathway from standing to walking. We particularly look at the importance of a dynamic posture concerning hip stability and integrity, muscle activation, dynamic control, movement and independence.

In the workshop, we aim to:

  1. Describe the benefits of a dynamic posture and the role it can have in movement development.
  2. Discuss how dynamic standing can bridge the gap between standing and walking.
  3. Describe how dynamic movement can be applied to clinical practice.

Please see attached the supporting document “Stand, Rock and Roll” which includes links to our workbooks, Gazelle, Meerkat and Crocodile. It will help to give an understanding of the products we manufacture to ensure that children can reach their full potential when it comes to postural control, as well as giving them opportunities to increase their independence.

Would this be of interest to you and the team?

You can book your workshop in advance over the next 6 months so that we can ensure we meet the needs of therapy services.