R82 Scallop-Heidi

The Scallop is light and very useful when travelling.

A babys best travel partner!

"We have been using the Scallop for the last month in different situations. It has been both practical and functional and it has been very useful whenever we have left home. The Scallop is light and very useful when travelling.

We have used the Scallop on-board our yacht where you are very limited in what to bring since there is very limited storage space. There is very limited space between the table and the wall so a normal child seat could not fit – the Scallop did the business.

We took the Scallop with us on a trip to Bremen, Germany. We stayed in a hostel where the Scallop came in good use when we used the common kitchen. Normally you need to carry a lot when travelling with a baby so the Scallop is very handy.

In general, we have had good use of the Scallop and would recommend it to others.
The Scallop is your baby’s best travel partner!"

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R82 Scallop

The Scallop is designed to aid in floor sitting and to add extra support whilst sitting on a chair.

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