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Meet Oscar!

We first met Oscar when he was 16 months old. He had been diagnosed with unilateral right sided spastic cerebral palsy. At the time he was able to move between sitting on the floor using his hands for stability and also sitting with both hands free to manipulate objects. He also crawled on his hands and knees, was able to pull himself to a standing position and could take steps holding on to furniture.

18 February 2022
R82 Crocodile - My first steps
Oscar's family and physiotherapist decided to let Oscar use the Crocodile with the accessory “Starter Kit - My first steps" for a short period of time to allow Oscar to experience the freedom of walking. Furthermore, they were of the opinion that using the Crocodile could support the achievement of the gross motor milestone of walking. 
Read more about the Crocodile Starter Kit in the catalogue.
R82 Meerkat
Oscar is standing in the Meerkat to allow him to weight bear on both legs during standing. The Meerkat also challenged Oscar's segmental development of trunk control. 

The Meerkat has been designed to allow children to learn through movement. A rocker can be easily mounted under the base plate and positioning is supported while creating the possibility for movement. 
Learn more about Cerebral Palsy
Cerebral palsy is the name for a group of lifelong conditions that affect movement and co-ordination, caused by a problem with the brain that occurs before, during or soon after birth.

The symptoms of cerebral palsy are usually not obvious just after a baby is born. They normally become noticeable during the first two or three years of a child's life.

Symptoms can include:

- Delays in reaching development milestones – for example, not sitting by eight months or not walking by 18 months
- Seeming too stiff or too floppy
- Weak arms or legs
- Fidgety, jerky or clumsy movements
- Random, uncontrolled movements
- Walking on tip-toes

The severity of symptoms can vary significantly. Some people only have minor problems, while others may be severely disabled.

R82 Crocodile

The Crocodile is a walking aid for children and youngsters with disabilities, who need supplementary assistance with their daily walking. 

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R82 Meerkat

The Meerkat is a simple upright standing frame with adjustable support for feet, knees, pelvis and chest.

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