Make Dynamic Standing Fun

Make Dynamic Standing Fun with the R82 Meerkat

Did you know that regular balance training in standing makes a big difference for children with motor developmental delay? With our standing support of the R82 Meerkat, the child has the opportunity to receive assistance at the right level, depending on the activity that the child will perform.

20 January 2022

The R82 Meerkat gives the child a reasonable chance to develop and feel the happiness of performing. In everyday life, the child will be able to participate longer in daily activities and live a life on their own terms.

Meet Poppi and see her development through dynamic standing
Poppi is one child who uses the R82 Meerkat as an adaptable posterior and anterior standing. She has cerebral palsy, classified at GMFCS level IV.

The R82 Meerkat provides precision ergonomics and the option to include a rocker under the base plate. When slid into position the rocker allows the child to maintain a stable standing position whilst achieving forwards and backwards movement. This ‘rocking’ exercise allows a child to challenge their postural control.

Poppi used the Meerkat three to four times a week for sessions of 5 to 10 minutes. During this time Poppi experienced the attainment of predefined therapy goals and improvements in motor skills. After 5 weeks, she could stand at a regular table using one hand support and engage in activity for 5 minutes and stand independently, with no hand support, for 5 seconds.