R82 Scallop

The Scallop is designed to aid in floor sitting and to add extra support whilst sitting on a chair.

The Scallop is designed to aid in floor sitting and to add extra support whilst sitting on a chair. It is used by children and youngsters with mild to moderate disabilities. This lightweight, portable, and versatile product is the perfect aid to enable participation in everyday activities with comfort, support and ease.

The Scallop comes in four sizes and can cater to infants from 9 months right up to adulthood. There are two playful colour combinations to choose from, Red & Blue or Green & Grey. Whatever combination you choose, both cushions can be removed from their shells and machine-washed at 60° for easy cleaning. The Scallop allows users to move while being seated and supported. It provides stability without preventing movement. Whether you are going for a picnic in the park, learning in school, the Scallop is the perfect product to bring along.


R82 Scallop


The Scallop is not only used for long sitting. It can also be attached to a wide variety of chairs to add extra support while sitting around a table to enable participation in everyday activities.
R82 Scallop

Removable cushion

The Scallop cushions come in two reversible colours and can be removed from the shells to be machine-washed.
R82 Scallop


Weighing less than 2kg , the Scallop is easy to travel with. You can carry the product using the two handles provided.
R82 Scallop


The Scallop is designed to be simple with no fuss. It is made up of a flexible shell that helps to reinforce balance. It is held together by Velcro.

Standard specifications

Item number
Back height (inch)
Hip width (inch)
Maximum user mass (lbs)
Size 1, Red/Blue 991051-1CR21F 12,75-14,75 5,75-8,25 33
Size 1, Grey/Green 991051-1CR43F 12,75-14,75 5,75-8,25 33
Size 2, Red/Blue 991051-2CR21F 14,75-16,5 8,25-9,25 48.5
Size 2, Grey/Green 991051-2CR43F 14,75-16,5 8,25-9,25 48.5
Size 3, Red/Blue 991051-3R21F 16,5-18,5 9,25-10,5 64
Size 3, Grey/Green 991051-3R43F 16,5-18,5 9,25-10,5 64
Size 4, Red/Blue 991051-4R21F 18,5+ 10,5-14,75 154.3
Size 4, Grey/Green 991051-4R43F 18,5+ 10,5-14,75 154.3


Available in a reversible cushion with two different colours.

Blue & Red

Blue & Red


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