Molift RgoSling Fabric Stretcher

A soft fabric lifting device for horizontal transfers.

  • Soft fabric lifting device for hospitals and institutions
  • For horizontal and lateral transfers
  • Alternative to strecher

Alternative to the stretcher
Molift RgoSling Fabric Stretcher is suitable when lifting in a normal sling would be inappropriate due to medical conditions, for example comatose or sedated clients that require a stable recumbent position. It is a comfortable alternative to a Stretcher.

8-point sling bar
Lifting with this product requires an 8-point sling bar. The sling bar is compatible with Molift Partner 255 and Molift Air. Molift Fabric Stretcher has integrated lifting straps that are hooked directly to the sling bar, with some possibilities to adjust in length by using the loops. The multiple lifting points provide an open and stable horizontal lift.


Standard specifications

Specifications common for all sizes
Material Polyester Sling family RgoSling
Maximum user weight (lbs) 660
Item number
Length (inch)
Width (inch)
M 1721520 69.0 17.7
L 1721530 70.0 25.6
XL 1721540 72.5 35.4

The sling has an expected lifetime of 1 to 5 years under normal use. Washing at higher temperatures wears out the material faster. The sling must be inspected regularly, preferably prior to each lifting operation, but especially after it has been washed. Make sure not to damage or remove labels when cleaning.



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