Molift Partner 255

With vertical lifting pattern for excellent stability

Molift Partner 255 provides an ideal solution for lifting with high complexity situations in acute and critical care areas in both hospitals and care facilities. With an excellent lifting range: 14.5–70.4 inches the Molift Partner 255 allows easy lifting from the floor as well as high surfaces. The straight vertical column in combination with the fixed sling bar provides excellent stability and maintains the user at a good distance from the column.

Stability, maneuverability and lifting capacity
With a total weight of 93.7 lbs Molift Partner 255 is one of the lightest in its category. Combined with excellent construction design and wheel solution it becomes very easy to maneuver with a safe working load of 562 lbs.

Equipped with environmentally friendly NiMh-battery.


Molift Partner 255

High safe working load

Molift Partner 255 has a safe working load of 562 lbs.
Molift Partner 255

A safe and stable position

The vertical lifting pattern keeps the user at the same distance from the column during the entire lift, creating a secure and stable position.
Molift Partner 255

Spacious lifting positioning

The 4-point sling bar ensures a comfortable and spacious lifting position and a stable transfer.

Standard specifications

Specifications common for all sizes
Battery NiMh 26,4 V-2,6 Ah Material Aluminum, steel
Battery charge time (hours) 3 Maximum user weight (lbs) 562
Length (inch) 50.5 Rated performance 50 lifts at 165 lbs and 20 inch
Lifting height max (inch) 66.1 Service software Included
Lifting height min (inch) 15.3 Width chassis, legs open inner (inch) 41.9
Lifting interval (inch) 50.7 Width chassis, outer (inch) 27.2
Lifting speed 165 lbs (inch/sec) 1.2
Low base
With Support arms
Standard with scale
Low base with scale
With Support arms and scale
Item number M13000 M13050 M13100 M13001 M13051 M13101
Leg height (inch) 4.5 2.4 4.5 4.5 2.4 4.5
Weight (lbs) 93.7 99.2 110.2 93.7 99.2 110.2


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