Molift EvoSling LowBack Net Padded

For active users with good core stability

  • Comfortable sitting position with arms inside or outside the sling
  • Padded leg-support
  • Durable and flexible polyester net that dries quickly and provides good ventilation

Shoulder-height support
Molift EvoSling LowBack Net Padded is a versatile model which gives shoulder-height support. The sling provides a comfortable sitting position and users can choose to place their arms inside or outside the sling.

A pocket in the lower back and pockets on the leg supports facilitate application of the sling. The polyester net sling has a red seam in the middle of the back to help ensure that it is positioned symmetrically.


Molift EvoSling LowBack Net Padded

Informative, clear labeling

Clear, practical information including washing instructions and technical information is found on a highly visible label on the back of the sling.
Molift EvoSling LowBack Net Padded

Easier positioning

Ensure a symmetrical position by using the red seam in the back of the Net slings as a guide.
Molift EvoSling LowBack Net Padded

Color coded loops

Color coded lifting loops helps you find the right fit.
Molift EvoSling LowBack Net Padded

Application pocket

Pockets in the back and leg supports make applying the sling easier for the caregiver.

Standard specifications

Specifications common for all sizes
Material Polyester, PE-cellfoam Maximum user weight (lbs) 660
Item number
Height (inch)
Leg support opening width (inch)
Recommended user weight (lbs)
XS 1722510 16.0 15.8 37-55
S 1722520 17.0 16.5 55-110
M 1722530 17.3 18.9 99-210
L 1722540 18.5 21.7 198-364
XL 1722550 20.0 24.4 352-529
XXL 1722560 21.5 27.6 507-660

The sling has an expected lifetime of 1 to 5 years under normal use. Washing at higher temperatures wears out the material faster. The sling must be inspected regularly, preferably prior to each lifting operation, but especially after it has been washed. Make sure not to damage or remove labels when cleaning.


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