R82 Manatee

The Manatee is constructed to provide both the user and caregiver with a good bathing experience.

The bathing chair is designed to place the user in a sitting or supine position. The depth of the seat can be adjusted, allowing the bathing chair to "grow" with the child and provides many years of use. The adjustments and accessories are logically positioned, affording the carer better working conditions. The Manatee is very lightweight and can easily be folded for storage or transportation.

The Manatee is a bathing chair suitable for children from the age of 1 year. Not all children are alike - that is why it is important to use the measuring chart to find the correct size for your child.


R82 Manatee

Depth adjustability

The seat of the Manatee is depth adjustable and is able to grow with the child, prolonging the lifespan of the Manatee.
R82 Manatee

Back and leg adjustability

The Manatee allows effortless adjustments of the back and legs, making it it easy to achieve an optimal position for various bathing activities.
R82 Manatee


Multi-functional cushions can be added to support the head and/or trunk, if the child needs postural-support while bathing. Additional supports can be added for correct position of the trunk and legs.
R82 Manatee

Compact folding

The Manatee is lightweight and easy to fold. The bathing chair is compact when folded, which makes it easier to store, when not in use and easy to transport.

Variants and details

Size 0
Size 1
Size 2
Size 3
Item number 882005 88201x 88202x 88203x
Backrest height (mm) 430 430 580 640
Effective seat depth (mm) 220-250 300-370 390-460 400-470
Effective seat width (mm) 330 330 330 400
Folded height (mm) 130 130 130 130
Folded length (mm) 1030-1000 1100-1170 1360-1430 1440-1510
Lower leg length (mm) 280 280 350 350
Mass device (kg) 5.5 5.5 6 7
Maximum rated load (kg) 57.5 57.5 83 84
Maximum user mass (kg) 50 50 75 75
Overall width (mm) 420 420 420 490
Seat surface height at front edge (mm) 140-430 140-430 140-430 140-430


The Manatee is available in two different colours. Size 0 is only available with blue cover.

Red (Not available in Australia)

Red (Not available in Australia)



The Manatee can be lowered to within 13 cm of bottom of the bath.

The Manatee can be lowered to within 13 cm of bottom of the bath.

It is lightweight and it folds flat for storage. The seat can also be placed directly into an ordinary bath tub
The seat can be placed directly into an odinary bath tub

The seat can be placed directly into an odinary bath tub



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