Convaid Rodeo

The Convaid Rodeo buggy offers up to 45° adjustable tilt and provides pressure relief and upper body support.

The Convaid Rodeo is a tilt--in--space buggy that provides 12.7 cm of seat depth extension through its seat depth growth feature. With 2 frame options available (with and without seating), it accommodates aftermarket and extensive seating needs.

Convaid Rodeo’s Cordura upholstery comes in a wide selection of colours and is removable and fully washable. The Convaid Rodeo offers 90 to 110° of recline, allowing variance in the seat-to-back angle. The Convaid Rodeo is easy to fold for maximal portability. Available in 4 width sizes for users that weigh up to 77 kilograms. Made in the USA.



Convaid Rodeo

5° to 45° of adjustable tilt

Provides pressure relief and upper body support.
Convaid Rodeo

Lightweight & compact folding

The folding mechanism allows the chair, to fold into a tight and lightweight package.
Convaid Rodeo

Tension adjustable back upholstery

Adjustable back straps allow for individual adjustment to the Lumber and Thoracic sections for the back.
Convaid Rodeo

Zippered pockets in upholstery

Allows for additional seat padding and support.

Variants and details

Folded height (mm) 430 460 460
Folded length (mm) 860 860 1015
Folded width (mm) 585 635 685
Foot plate angle (°) -40 -40 -40
Headrest extension (mm) 200 200 200
Overall height (mm) 1090 1120 1140
Overall length (mm) 890 890 915
Overall width (mm) 585 635 685
Push handle adjustments (mm) 880-1290 890-1320 930-1360
Recline adjustment (°) 90° or 110° 90° or 110° 90° or 110°
Seat back height (mm) 560 610 635
Seat depth (mm) 230-360 280-410 330-460
Seat to flipped individual angle adjustable footplate (mm) 115-235 110-280 185-340
Seat to flipped one piece angle adjustable footplate (mm) 130-285 180-340 235-390
Seat to floor (mm) 530 560 560
Seat to individual angle adjustable footplate (mm) 180-330 240-395 305-460
Seat to one piece angle adjustable footplate (mm) 230-360 280-410 305-460
Seat width (mm) 305 355 405
Shoulder strap height (mm) 380-530 410-560 460-610
Tilt in space tilt angle (°) 5° - 45° 5° - 45° 5° - 45°
Total weight (kg) 15 17 18
Weight capacity (kg) 34 45.5 77
Weight seat unit (kg) 15 17 18


Adjustable 90° or 110° recline

Adjustable 90° or 110° recline

Opens the seat-to-back angle to provide postural relief.
Rodeo without seating frame

Rodeo without seating frame

Accommodates adaptive and aftermarket seating.
Height adjustable flip-up armrest

Height adjustable flip-up armrest

Armrests “flip-up” out of the way for easy access into chair.
7.5” X 2” Front air tyres

7.5” X 2” Front air tyres

Only offered on model sizes 10-16.
One-piece height adjustable footplate

One-piece height adjustable footplate

Transit ready frame

Transit ready frame

Meets or exceeds WC19/ISO7176-19 safety standards for safe transportation in a bus or van.


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