Curved head support

The curved head support is slightly curved from the midline to the sides, and primarily provides support at the back of the head. It is suitable for users who need temporary support or require to be supported in a tilted position.
A supported and aligned position of the head can enable the user to participate in many daily activities such as eating and communication.

  • This is a configurable product. Contact your local dealer for finding the head support that fits your child's needs.

Variants and details

Height (mm) 130 160
Width (mm) 180 260


Standard bar system

Allows 140 mm of forward/backward adjustment.

Extended bar system

Allows 8.6" of forward/backward adjustment.

3D bar system

Available with both standard and extended bar system

Length of rod

Available in short (80 mm height adjustability) - suitable for all upper back heights Medium (120 mm height adjustability) - suitable for upper back heights of 180, 220, 270 and 340 mm Long (160 mm height adjustability) - suitable for upper back heights of 270 and 340 mm

Black, colour code = 80

Black wipeable, colour code = 70


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