The foot operated anti-tip is available in several versions. Three for indoor frames and one for outdoor frame.

The anti-tip increases the supporting surface or “footprint” of the frame and thus, decreases the risk of tipping. The anti-tip should be considered if the user is often positioned with the centre of gravity far back, for users where siblings or other children might, unintendedly, lean on the push brace or when used for transportation in a vehicle.

Variants and details

For indoor
For indoor
For indoor - Hydraulic
For outdoor
Item number 890007 890007-1  890009 890008
Compatible with R82 High-low:xo indoor with 75mm or 100mm castors R82 High-low:xo indoor with 125mm castors R82 High-low:xo sizes 2+3 with 100mm castors R82 High-low:xo outdoor


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