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Independence and Movement with the R82 Rabbit Up

Gustav is a bright and inquisitive 7 year old who has bilateral spastic cerebral palsy (GMFCS IV) and requires physical assistance for mobility and transfers in most settings.

18 February 2022

Through his use of the R82 Rabbit Up, Gustav is able to use his senses, pursue his curiosity and explore places he finds interesting. He is also able to remain independent and leave situations he does not want to be a part of.

Ability, fun and playing with Gustav
Gustav was able to communicate using sounds and manual signals. Now Gustav can also indicate his boredom, such as when he had been colouring in for too long, by standing up from the table and driving away after unlocking the brakes. That is true independence!

Gustav was also able to have his Nanna blow bubbles and throw him balloons while he was standing in the Rabbit Up. He was able to share a special moment and Nanna was able to challenge Gustav to move and reach out. The stability and support in the Rabbit Up meant Gustav felt safe to do so.


R82 Rabbit Up

The Rabbit Up is a truly adaptable stander. It is secure, reliable and adjustable, while also offering the independence to explore using the optional driving, quick release wheels.

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