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Etac Clinical Education Seminars

Did you know that Etac Australia offer educational and interactive seminars for all our allied health professionals? Our knowledgeable and experienced Product Specialists can deliver these in your local clinic across NSW, VIC and QLD or online across Australia.

20 January 2022
What happens at an Etac Seminar?
We offer the opportunity for all allied health professionals to learn more about prescribing paediatric equipment to their patients.
Our seminars can cover one or more of these equipment areas: 
- Seating
- Standing 
- Walking
- Toilet/Bathing 
The content in our sessions typically covers the following: 
- Overview of the equipment in this category 
- Applying clinical principals and benefits 
- Clientele type that would fit this equipment 
- Case studies 
- Q&A session 
Etac Education Seminar at Child First Therapy
Recently, our NSW Product Specialist Elaine delivered a Covid-19 safe standing and walking equipment workshop to a group of occupational therapists and physiotherapists. 
Child First Therapy described it as a "wonderful and insightful session" with some "amazing tips on how best to select, customise and prescribe these pieces of equipment for our clients". They were even lucky enough to try some out some of R82 assistive devices for themselves to further understand how it can benefit the children they work with.