Celebrating our 50th anniversary


50 years of creating possibilities

Since 1973, we have been committed to improving quality of life for the individual, family members and caregivers. An objective that runs through our past, drives us today, and will continue into the future. We are now a global company with nearly 1 400 employees and presence in over 70 countries. However, that was not always the case.

Our journey to date would have never been possible without the work of past pioneers who dared to challenge society’s notion of what assistive devices should be. We will mark this year by celebrating our history, the people who benefit from our products, and the team that makes it possible. Above all, by highlighting how what we do – makes a difference in daily life.


The beginning - a time of social reform

What Etac succeeded in doing in Sweden’s early 70s, was in many ways a paradigm shift. Until then, disabilities had stigmatised both individuals and their physical surroundings. Medical aids were often makeshift solutions with poor functionality, where precious little attention had been paid to aesthetics, let alone the people who needed them.

Deeply rooted in the humanitarian tradition, Etac set out to create a whole new type of products that could integrate people into the community and enable them to live as independently as possible. To achieve this, we partnered up with industrial designers, something no one in our field had done before. The result was an unprecedented range of innovative, stylish and functional products, placing Swedish design of assistive devices in a class of its own.


A journey of growth

Following the initial daily living aids, the success continued over the years to come. Wheelchairs and bathroom products were soon introduced to the range, and people gladly welcomed the new innovations. We also started to hire occupational therapists as salespeople, to assure we always stay closely connected to our users' needs.

During the last decades we have expanded our range further by acquiring several companies who share our approach to innovation. The additions include both paediatric, patient handling and mobility solutions. This has led us into new markets, as well as being able to accommodate more diverse needs and care settings. The result is today’s unique portfolio of highly specialised product brands, all designed with the same dedication to form, function and people.

People are at the heart of what we do

To promote abilities for people at all stages of life, is always our driving force. Our solutions range from supporting children’s continuous development to prolonging independence for people in later life. To enable someone’s participation in daily activities is a privilege, or like many of our team members put it - “nothing compares to a smile”.

An equally important task is to support society’s efforts to offer high-quality care. As such, we are committed to helping caregivers, rehab professionals and prescribers with the challenges they face. By providing ergonomic and user-friendly equipment for different care settings, we can make their daily work easier.

Products that make a difference

Products and people go hand in hand, since the right solution can bridge the gap between individuals and their environment, enabling them to perform activities they otherwise could not. Knowing this, it is self-evident that our development teams are passionate about innovation and go above and beyond to exceed expectations.

True to our roots, we still cooperate with industrial designers and healthcare workers. A collaboration that has paid off not only for our users, but also in terms of numerous prestigious design awards. Collectively, our products are characterized by their excellent quality, user-friendly features and how they deliver great value over time. Individually, they are diverse enough to cater to various needs and lifestyles.


Design awards

Many of our products have won distinguished awards for excellent product design.

Patented innovations

We have developed numerous patented innovations and several of our products have set new industry standards.
Stockholm Designweek 2019_2.jpg

International exhibitions

Some of our products have been displayed in exhibitions such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York.


Circular innovation

We recently reached a new milestone in our sustainability work by launching the first circular wheelchair in Europe.

The team behind our success

Etac is a global team of dedicated doers who take pride in what we do. Ranging from occupational therapists to people who know first-hand what it’s like to live with reduced mobility, everyone contributes with different perspectives and are all indispensable to our success.

Together, they make Etac the trusted and well-respected partner we are. We always work closely with customers, suppliers, healthcare professionals and other associates to deliver the best possible solution, and if problems arise we go out of our way to solve them. Over the upcoming year, we will share more stories from our team across the globe and let you know more about Etac as a workplace.


Perspectives on the future

There is no way of celebrating our anniversary without also looking ahead. After five decades of dedication to improving people’s quality of life, we are determined to continue our work to promote abilities and independence for people at all stages of life.

This will be reflected in our celebration, and what could be more appropriate than to recognize those who share our commitment? As such, we will make five different donations this year, all in all SEK 250 000 related to our anniversary. They will be directed to organisations who strive to encourage participation, inclusion, and engagement in their communities. Together - we can create even more possibilities in the years to come.

Etac icon history2_800x450.jpg

The story behind our logo

The icon in Etac's logo is based on a photo of a racing wheelchair user from above, creating speed lines on the ground. Arches and shapes have then been drawn to illustrate the person's silhouette.

Our Swedish roots

Etac has deep roots in Småland, a region known for its entrepreneurial spirit. It is also where IKEA once started and the setting for many of Astrid Lindgren's beloved books, such as Pippi Longstocking.


Paralympic champions

Some of our team members are not only pioneers at Etac, but also Paralympic champions. Between them they have won several medals and participated in wheelchair racing as well as table tennis.

DGNB platinum_new_3.jpg

Sustainable manufacturing

Our newest manufacturing site is the first in Poland to be awarded the highest level of DGNB’s sustainability certificate. It means that we live up to the best standards in terms of ecology, economy and sociocultural factors.

Join our celebration during the year

We will continuously share stories and milestones as well as announce our donations on social media. Make sure to follow us to stay updated.