Convaid Carrot 3 Booster

Grows with children and provides adaptive inserts for optimal positioning and maximum comfort.

The Carrot Booster Seat is the most comprehensive car seat restraint system available for children, teens and small adults with special needs. It was designed, engineered and built to provide optimal positioning & safety for children with insufficient head, trunk, and pelvic stability. Plus, extensive growth capabilities will ensure that the Carrot 3 is the ONLY car seat you will ever need!


Convaid Carrot 3 Booster

Shoulder protector wings

Gives lateral shoulder support, protection and can be adjusted up to 4" in width.
Convaid Carrot 3 Booster

Wide seat

The Carrot 3 Booster Seat is for users who require a wide seat (16.5").
Convaid Carrot 3 Booster

4-point positioning H-harness

To maintain midline positioning of the trunk for increased postural control.
Convaid Carrot 3 Booster

Booster kit

Option to transform an existing Carrot 3 into a booster in 3 easy steps.

Standard specifications

Item number CRT3BS-10 CRT3BS-20 CRT3BS-30
Approximate total user height (Inch) 55-69 55-69 55-69
Back height (inch) 28.8-32.8 28.8-32.8 28.8 - 32.8
Back height (top of head) max (inch) 33 33 33
Head support height (inch) 8.5 8.5 8.5
Maximum user weight (lbs) 165 - 165
Minimum user weight (lbs) 79 79 79
Product weight (lbs) 21 21 21
Seat depth (inch) 17 17 17
Seat width (inch) 16.5 16.5 16.5


Tether strap

Tether strap

For vehicles equipped with a top tether anchor.
Top securement strap

Top securement strap

For vehicles not equipped with a top anchor.
Lower securement strap

Lower securement strap

For vehicles not equipped with lower anchors.


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