R82 Cricket

The Cricket is a lightweight, foldable pediatric wheelchair, with 20° fixed tilt designed to suit you and your child’s needs and lifestyle.

This user-friendly pediatric wheelchair comes in two sizes as it adapts to the child's growth in several areas maximizing the number of years it can be used. Cricket’s lightweight frame is one of the most compact on market. The frame is designed to support and ensure stability for the wheelchair. Swivel front casters ensure a smooth ride and makes it easy to steer. The puncture-proof wheels provides exceptional performance. Explore the experience of the smoothest ride - from city to tougher trails, from sun to rain.

Furthermore, the Cricket is approved for transportation and complies with ISO 7176-19, for safe transportation in vehicles.


R82 Cricket

Tool-less back recline

The backrest angle can be adjusted by 15° from 110° to 125°.
R82 Cricket

Height & angle adjustable foot support

The Cricket comes with a footplate that is height and angle adjustable. The foot support swings away for easy transfer without the need for tools.

Standard specifications

Size 1
Size 2
Item number 87043100 87043200
Armrest to seat distance (inch) 6.25-7.5 6.25-7.5
Back width (inch) 13.5 15.5
Backrest angle (°) 110-125 110-125
Backrest height (inch) 19.75 22.5
Effective back width (inch) 10.75 13
Effective seat depth (inch) 8.25-12.25 12.25-17
Folded height (inch) 19 19
Folded length (inch) 30 30
Folded width (inch) 14 14
Footrest to seat distance (inch) 7-14.25 8.75-14.5
Front location of arm rest structure (inch) 7.75 10.75
Front wheel diameter (inch) 7 7
Leg to seat surface angle (°) 360 360
Length (inch) 29.5 29.5
Mass device (lbs) 27.3 29.5
Maximum rated load (lbs) 108.9 144.1
Maximum user mass (lbs) 77.1 110
Maximum user mass in transportation (lbs) 77.1 94.5
Minimum turning radius (inch) 28.5 30
Overall height (inch) 39.25 41.25
Overall width (inch) 20.75 22.75
Rear wheel diameter (inch) 11 11
Required width of right angled corridor (inch) 32 32
Seat plane angle (°) 20 20
Seat surface height at front edge (inch) 19.75-21 21.25-22.25
Static stability downhill (°) 10 10
Static stability sideways (°) 10 10
Static stability uphill (°) 10 10


Swivel front wheels making it easy for a carer to manoeuvre on pavements, terrain and other obstacles.

Front wheels

Rear wheels

Rear wheels are equipped with an easy to operate wheel lock.



The one-piece push handle is angle and height adjustable to accommodate the caregiver's height.

Available in 4 different colors.





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