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Tessa Karsten, the occupational therapist about Immedia SatinSheet

Tessa Karsten enjoys working as an occupational therapist at De De Zorgcircle in Purmerend, Netherlands. She sees many benefits of the Immedia SatinSheet in-bed system for both healthcare colleagues and residents.

Since 2008, Tessa Karsten has worked as an occupational therapist at De Zorgcircle in Purmerend, the Netherlands. De Zorgcircle are specialists in elderly care and rehabilitation and offers personal care in clients' homes and nursing homes in 27 locations. The company has been working with the Immedia SatinSheet in-bed system for several years. Although Tessa was a little sceptical about draw sheets at first, she is now completely converted.

Tessa: "When I got to know Immedia's in-bed system, I wondered what the added value was. I have now seen the benefits in practice. I see positive effects on my nursing colleagues and the residents."

Regain some independence

She mentions various practical examples where Immedia's in-bed system has made a big difference.

Tessa: "A good example is Mrs Verkroost van De Viervorst (photo). A resident who finds it challenging to have to give up their independence. She could no longer turn over in bed at night, which affected her night sleep. This also resulted in her having body aches in the morning. We tried everything from bedrails to a lifting pole, but it didn't work. I then invited John Walker from Etac to get advice on a solution. John recommended the Immedia SatinSheet Midi Corner. Mrs Verkroost immediately noticed a big difference, as she could turn in bed again. She literally had tears in her eyes.

It may seem a slight difference, but it significantly affects a person's well-being. Mrs Verkroost has regained some independence and now experiences a better night's sleep. In addition, she can move more easily from lying to sitting. It is also ideal for healthcare workers who no longer have to help her with this type of moving. As a result, we now have more customers using SatinSheet Midi Corner."

Less physical strain

De Zorgcircle also works with the SatinSheet in-bed system for people who need more help. "It makes a huge difference in workload," says Tessa. "My healthcare colleagues experience a lot less physical strain during their work. It's also more beneficial for the clients. For example, to use for people with dementia that are often anxious. Since it is an in-bed system already in the bed, it is much more pleasant for the client. A less anxious client with less defence makes the work much more pleasant for the healthcare staff."

A different way of working

Adopting the correct posture while working with the Immedia SatinSheet is, and remains, a point of attention. Tessa: "You don't pull from your shoulders or arms, but you shift your weight from your front to your back leg, and then you hang. You use your weight instead of physical force that strains your shoulders, neck and back. Reminding and pointing this out to each other eventually becomes the new routine."



Immedia SatinSheet in-bed system

Immedia SatinSheet System in-bed system makes moving a user in bed easier, whatever their ability. SatinSheet helps reduce strain for the carer and prevents work-related injuries. Moreover, it helps to save time and may reduce the number of carers needed.

Immedia SatinSheet in-bed system