New Colors & Accents

Experience Innovation In Every Hue

3 July 2024

Pushing the boundaries of innovation while maintaining a commitment to style and design excellence has always been imperative to Ki Mobility. Staying true to this, we are delighted to introduce an expanded range of colors and color accent options. This new collection embraces current trends while preserving timeless classics, ensuring a choice for everyone.

Vibrant colors, such as Opalescent Violet and Radiant Orange, sit alongside lighter choices like Dry Earth Tan, giving riders the ability to express their authentic style.  Riders can now add additional personalization with our new color accents, which are available at no extra cost (for a limited time). 

The new colors and color accents can be ordered via the updated order forms available on the Ki Mobility website. Our order forms allow you to see all your options in one place and keep ordering simple so you can get it right the first time!  

Discover the full range of colors at