AXIOM for Kids

Inspired by kids!

22 March 2024

Designed to meet the unique needs of the smallest clients, the new cushion and back offering also pairs perfectly with Ki’s comprehensive range of pediatric mobility bases.  

Axiom for Kids cushions use carefully selected foam softness and shapes that vary by cushion size to better meet the needs of smaller riders. The result is a seating surface that multi-tasks, promoting better immersion for stability, skin integrity, and improved comfort. The cover and material design, exclusive to Axiom for Kids, will withstand spills and accidents while simultaneously allowing optimal immersion into the foam base.  All the things a kid needs to navigate their day with confidence.

The Axiom for Kids back offering is designed to be very versatile to meet both clinical needs and reimbursement requirements.  The offering provides depth and width adjustment through the back shell, laterals, and mounting hardware, giving you the confidence of a perfect fit now and through growth stages.  The hardware, DEX for Kids, features a lock-out latch so curious hands or backpacks don’t accidentally disengage the back.   

Learn more about Axiom for Kids Backs and Axiom for Kids Cushions.


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