Positioning belt

With snap-lock, length adjustable. Two alternative attachment points on the frame. Available in two lengths, 100 cm and 128 cm.


Item number
Compatible with
Length (mm)
100 cm 25668 Cross 5, Cross 5 XL, M100 1000
Positioning belt, XL 26163 Cross 5, Cross 5 XL, M100 1280
Positioning belt with springlock 62190 Cross 5 1700
Positioning belt 2-point Prio/Cross 6, L100cm 27904 Cross 6, Prio, Prio 3A, Crissy 1000
Positioning belt 2-point Prio/ Cross 6, L128 cm 28544 Cross 6, Prio, Prio 3A, Crissy 1280


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