Etac M100TR

The perfect transport wheelchair for outdoorwalks, hospitals and airports.

Transport wheelchair in 12 sizes
M100 TR wheelchair is a neat and functional transport wheelchair. It comes in 12 sizes and combines modern design with all practical functions that are needed for comfort and easy handling.

Designed for comfort and safety
The padded seat and back support in combination with the multi adjustable foot supports ensure the best stability. In addition the height adjustable arm supports are detachable to facilitate side transfer.

Practical for both user and carer
M100TR wheelchair is easy for the carer to handle and maneuver. The attendant brakes and the tilters make crossing a curb easy. For car transportations, Etac M100TR wheelchair can be secured directly round the frame tubes. For storing, it takes a minimum of place when folded.


Padded back and seatupholstery

Padded back and seatupholstery

Provides comfort and are wipeable with wet cloth.\ Material: Polyester.
Car transportation

Car transportation

Tie down directly around the frame tubes.
Leg support, detachable and lockable

Leg support, detachable and lockable

Since the swing away leg supports are lockable it is possible to lift M100 TR by grasping around the leg support tubes.
Many sizes

Many sizes

To achieve stability and comfort, both seat width and depth shall match the user.


Etac item number
Seat depth (mm)
Seat width (mm)
Total width (mm)
Weight (kg)
37,5 cm short 13400103 400 375 535 16,5
37,5 cm long 13400104 460 375 535 16,7
40 cm short 13400105 400 400 560 16,6
40 cm long 13400106 460 400 560 16,8
42,5 cm short 13400107 400 425 585 16,7
42,5 cm long 13400108 460 425 585 16,9
45 cm short 13400109 400 450 610 16,8
45 cm long 13400110 460 450 610 17
47,5 cm short 13400111 400 475 635 16,8
47,5 cm long 13400112 460 475 635 17
50 cm, short 13400113 400 500 660 16,9
50 cm, long 13400114 460 500 660 17,1

The dimensions and weights indicated apply to a chair with 8” castors, leg and foot supports, tilters and short arm supports. Seat depth above is meassured from the back tube to the front of the seat upholstery. The back support design allows additionally 6-7 cm seat depth.
Front seat height: 50 cm measured from the seat tubes upper side with +3° tilted seat.
Back support height: 37.5–47.5 cm in fixed positions, measured from the seat tube to the top of the upholstery, and seat depth is measured from the backtube.
Seat angle: 0°/3°
Transport width: 24 cm
Dimensions and tolerance: +/– 2%.
Maximum user weight: 125 kg
Wheel size: rear wheels 16"solid tyres; front castors 8" solid tyres
We recommend that you use our prescription forms when ordering Etac wheelchairs, see the bottom of the page.