Etac Prio

Shape Up! It’s a matter of individual ability.

Abilities not used will gradually fade away. It is important to take advantage of all activation possibilities. Etac Prio is the only multifunctional wheelchair that offers a dynamic pelvic support. A support that deactivates while resting and reactivates in the active position. This is only one example of Prio´s innovative functions that actually improve sitting tolerance over time. By supportive and shaping efforts you can improve users ability to be active and mobile. Use your knowledge to create the right shape and support - with the user seated in the wheelchair. We call this Ability Based Seating™. Let’s shape up!


The support is dynamic

The support is dynamic

The pelvic strap is height adjustable for precise setting. Reclining the back will automatically reduce the strap tension and retighten when the back is brought to an upright position. The ideal combination for activity and resting.
Sculpture the shape

Sculpture the shape

Start by setting the height. The back support is contoured by adjusting the straps. The protecting shields distribute the pressure and the soft back cushion will be perfectly sculptured.
The head support is soft

Traditional head support

The head support with turtle stem is adjustable in both height, depth and sideways. The head can be positioned in front of the trunk. This puts demands on the depth adjustment of the head support. Can be equipped with a memory function to ensure correct adjustment.
Activity is as important as resting

Activity is as important as resting

Narrow wheel assembly (total width), low product weight and premium balancing options are features making Prio users more active and mobile.


Etac item number
Seat depth (mm)
Seat width (mm)
Total width (mm)
Transport weight (kg)
Transport width (mm)
Weight (kg)
Width with attendant brakes (mm)
40 cm 13420305 390-510 400 590 22,9 560 33,5 640
45 cm 13420309 390-510 450 640 23,2 610 33,8 690
50 cm 13420313 390-510 500 690 23,5 660 34,1 740
55 cm 13420217 390-510 550 740 23,8 710 34,4 790

Back Support height: 55-70 cm (21¾-27½") std, 45-60 cm (17 ¾- 23 ¾) 3D
Tilt angle: -3° to +20°
Back support adjustable angulation: 0° – +30°
Balance positions: Etac Prio with 20", 22", or 24" rear wheels has three altarnative balance positions for each seat height.
Maximun user weight: 135 kg (21.5 lbs)
Total weight: Measured with arm supports, elevating leg supports, calf support, rear wheels and anti-tippers.
Total width: M100 rear wheels +19 cm (7½") / Cross 5 rear wheels +21 cm (8¼") / 24" rear wheels, attendant brakes +24 cm (9½") / 16" hjul +19.5 cm (7¾")
Seat height: 20", 22" and 24" rear wheels: 38–52.5 cm (15-20¾")
16" rear wheels: 40-45 cm (15¾-17¾")
Transport weight: Weight without arm supports, elevating leg supports, calf support and rear wheels.


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