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Etac M100 wheelchair

M100 is a modern basic wheelchair with unbeatable comfort and safety.

Suits everyone

Smart options with simplified settings makes it easy to adapt for various user needs. Furthermore it comes in 12 sizes. Short or tall, big or small there is a M100 wheelchair for everyone.

A wheelchair for comfort and safety

The padded upholstery offers pleasant, comfortable seating and the back support can be set in height as well as the detachable arm supports. Additionally the angle adjustable foot plates provide a firm support.

Varied seat height

With the choice of three rear wheel sizes the seat height can be varied with 12 cm. Two seat angles options and rear wheel balance positions ensure stability and easy propulsion. The swing away leg supports are lockable and can be used for lifting the chair.

For car transportation the M100 wheelchair can be strapped down direct in the frame. In addition there are also three frame colors to choose between.

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Seat, adjustments

Seat, adjustments

The seat height can be set from 38 cm to 52,5 cm (15"-20¾"), with a horizontal or slightly angled seat.

Easy side transfer

Easy side transfer

To facilitate side transfer, the brake levers are foldable.

Safe car transportation

Safe car transportation

M100 can be tied down directly in the frame. No extra attachments are needed.

Many possibilities

Many possibilities

To ensure the perfect fit there is a large variety of more features and options.

Model Seat width Seat depth Total width Weight
37.5 cm short 37.5 cm 40 cm 56.5 cm 15.7 kg
37.5 cm long 37.5 cm 46 cm 56.5 cm 15.9 kg
40 cm short 40.0 cm 40 cm 59.0 cm 15.8 kg
40 cm long 40.0 cm 46 cm 59.0 cm 16.0 kg
42.5 cm short 42.5 cm 40 cm 61.5 cm 15.9 kg
42.5 cm long 42.5 cm 46 cm 61.5 cm 16.1 kg
45 cm short 45.0 cm 40 cm 64.0 cm 16.0 kg
45 cm long 45.0 cm 46 cm 64.0 cm 16.2 kg
47.5 cm short 47.5 cm 40 cm 66.5 cm 16.1 kg
47.5 cm long 47.5 cm 46 cm 66.5 cm 16.3 kg
50 cm short 50.0 cm 40 cm 69.0 cm 16.2 kg
50 cm long 50.0 cm 46 cm 69.0 cm 16.4 kg

Height-adjustable push handles


Bow handle

Detachable and height-adjustable.

Cross brace

For extra back support stability, foldable. Only in combination with height adjustable push handles.

Head support and bracket

Height, angle and depth adjustable. Head support bracket is orderd separately. N.B. Only in combination with bow handle.

Knee brakes

With foldable brake handles.

Brake lever extension


Attendant Brakes

For 20", 22" and 24" rear wheels.

Leg support

Swing away, lockable, detachable. Fits both left and right side.

Narrow leg support

Brings the foot support 6 cm (2½ ") closer to the seat. N.B. can only be used with 6" and 5" castors.

Elevating leg support

Foldable calf support with two height options. Fits both left and right side.

Amputee leg support

Adjustable in height, angle, depth and sideways. Fits both left and right side. Cover in dark plush or black Dartex.

Flip up Foot support

Height and angle adjustable. With standard/long attachment tube 23 cm (9")/33 cm (13").

Heel strap

Adjustable length. Fits both left and right side.

Calf strap

Detachable and length-adjustable.

Arm support, removable

Detachable and height-adjustable with solid top, 25 cm (9¾") or long 35 cm (14¼") arm support pad. Height adjustment with Allen key or finger screw.

Description Item no.


Transparent. Fits onto long arm supports.

Hemi tray, foldable

Adjustable in depth and width. Folds sideways. Attached to the arm support brackets. The height is set using the arm support.

Seat cushion

Anatomically shaped seat cushion. 56 cm (22") long, to be cut to the adjusted seat depth. Upholstery: dark grey plush and black Velor.

Positioning belt

With snap-lock, length adjustable. Two alternative attachment points on the frame.

Cane holder

In two parts; the cup is fitted to the inside of one of the tilters and the elastic strap is fitted around the cane.

Anti tippers

Height adjustable and swing away.

Castor wheels

8" (200x35 mm) semi solid, 8" (200x50 mm) semi solid, 6" semi solid, 5" solid.

Rear wheels

24", 22", 20". With quick release, solid tyres and aluminum handrims.

IV stand

Compl. with attachment

Tool kit

Spoke guards

Available in grey or yellow print.


Product information leaflet Etac M100


M100/M100TR, manual EN

Prescription form

M100 Prescription form EN

Sparepart list

M100/M100TR, sparepart list EN

Recondition instruction

Etac manual wheelchairs Re-use

Pre purchase guide

Etac hygiene assortment and manual wheelchairs

Accessory -Assembly instruction

M100, Anti tip

Accessory -Assembly instruction

Armrest pad hemi M100/Cross

Accessory -Assembly instruction

Cane holder

Accessory -Assembly instruction

Drum Brake System

Accessory -Assembly instruction

Head support

Accessory -Assembly instruction

Legrest amputee

Accessory -Assembly instruction

Legrest for plaster

Accessory -Assembly instruction

Plaster legrest for Cross and Next

Accessory -Assembly instruction

Positioning belt Swift mobil/Clean

Accessory -Assembly instruction

Tray Hemi Communication tip up


Accessory -Assembly instruction

Flag incl attachment

Accessory -Assembly instruction

IV stand compl M100

Combination Agreement

Combination Agreement Etac Wheelchairs

Pre purchase guide

Etac hygiene assortment and manual wheelchairs