Etac Fix preparation board

Gives extra power and precision when preparing food

With the Fix preparation board, tasks such as grating, cutting, whisking and peeling can be carried out even with weak hands or one hand funktion. Fix preparation board stands firmly on its four friction feet or the enclosed suction feet. The jaws hold a bowl, grater or piece of food in place. There is also a a small plate with spikes to hold smaller pieces of food. This can be removed and also placed with the spikes pointing downwards to obtain a flat surface.


Etac Fix preparation board illustration 1

Etac Fix preparation board illustration 2

Etac Fix preparation board illustration 3

Etac Fix preparation board illustration 4

Variants and details

Etac item number
Weight (g)
Etac Fix preparation board 80501004 Ergonomidesign. The Fix preparation board is patented Chopping board: Polystyrene. Metal parts: Stainless steel. Jaws: PC/ABS 1300


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