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Etac Next Comfort wheelchair -Discontinued


Etac Next Comfort wheelchair adds value to the world of wheelchairs, by making it possible to still be socially active even if a rest is needed. Without having to change chairs, the unique tilt function makes it easy to adjust the seat angle, and obtain a comfortable position.

A unique cross-folded wheelchair with tilted seat

To be as active as possible, for as long as possible even with reduced strength, Etac Next Comfort wheelchair enables the wheelchair various positions, from an active to a relaxing tilted position. The backrest and seat are available in different materials, sizes and shapes. These features offer the best individual support and comfort.

Next Comfort wheelchair is easy to adjust and low in weight. It is simple to fold since the seat and back are easily removed and requires little space when being transported in a car.

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Model Seat width Seat depth Total width Weight
35 cm short 35.0 cm 35–41 cm 54.5 cm 24.0 kg
35 cm long 35.0 cm 41–47 cm 54.5 cm 25.2 kg
37.5 cm short 37.5 cm 35–41 cm 57.0 cm 24.0 kg
37.5 cm long 37.5 cm 41–47 cm 57.0 cm 25.2 kg
40 cm short 40.0 cm 35–41 cm 59.5 cm 24.4 kg
40 cm long 40.0 cm 41–47 cm 59.5 cm 25.6 kg
42.5 cm short 42.5 cm 35–41 cm 62.0 cm 24.4 kg
42.5 cm long 42.5 cm 41–47 cm 62.0 cm 25.6 kg
45 cm short 45.0 cm 35–41 cm 64.5 cm 25.0 kg
45 cm long 45.0 cm 41–47 cm 64.5 cm 26.3 kg
47.5 cm short 47.5 cm 35–41 cm 67.0 cm 25.0 kg
47.5 cm long 47.5 cm 41–47 cm 67.0 cm 26.3 kg
50 cm short 50.0 cm 35–41 cm 69.5 cm 25.3 kg
50 cm long 50.0 cm 41–47 cm 69.5 cm 26.5 kg

Lockable arm support

Lockable, detachable and height-adjustable. Long and short version.

Arm support covers

Arm support pad, wide and soft

Fitted onto the existing arm support. Size 8 x 40 cm (3¼" x 15¾"). Fits both short and long arm support, right and left side.

Hemi arm support pad hemi

Adjustable in angle, the height is set with the arm support adjustment. Fitted onto the long arm support. Padded detachable cover in dark grey plush.

Leg support

Standard leg support.

Narrow leg supports

The narrow leg support brings the foot support 6 cm (2½”) closer to the seat.

Elevating leg support

<p>Includes a flip-up calf support with two height options. Fits both left and right side. From seat width 40 cm (16”). Foot support is not included.

Folding bracket for calf support

Fit calf support in soft plush.

Cover, calf support

For elevating leg support. In dark grey plush or black Dartex.

Adjustable foot support angle

The foot supports are continuously angle-adjustable.

Extended foot support

Enlarges the foot support depth. Fitted on the existing foot support.

One-piece foot support

Foldable to one side, adjustable in length and angle.

Heel strap

Adjustable length. Not compatible with the extended footrest.

Calf strap

Detachable and adjustable in length. Attached with velcro straps on the leg supports at required height.

Padding for calf strap

Provides a softer support. Available in 20 cm (7¾"), 30 cm (11¾") and 40 cm (15¾") lengths.

Leg support for plaster

For full leg plaster cast. With separate cushions, adjustable in height, depth, angle and also sideways. Available for left and right side. Foot support is not included.

Amputee leg support

Adjustable height, length and angle. Fits both left and right side.

Amputee weight

Counteracts risk of tipping for amputee users.

Description Item no.

Integrated wheel lock

The wheel lock is integrated with the hub casing. No adjustment needed when changing rear wheel position

Single-hand wheel locks

Right or left model.

Rear wheels and tyres

3 alternative rear wheel sizes, 24” (standard), 22” and 20”. Choose either solid or pneumatic, with high-pressure (standard) or low-pressure inner tubes.


There are three types of handrims to choose from: aluminum (standard), stainless and plastic coated.


5”, 6” (standard) and 7” all-round (130 mm, 150 mm and 180 mm).

Spoke guards

Available in grey or yellow print.

Head support model 1

Adjustable in height, depth and angle.

Bow handle

Alternative to the push handles. Height adjustable. Can be combined with head support.

Head support model 2

With side support, including angled tube 45o. Adjustable in height and angle. Alternative with sideadjustment. Angled tube 90o or curved. Black Dartex.

Head support model 3

Curved model with angled tube 45o. Adjustable in height and angle. Alternative angled tube 90o or curved. Black Dartex.

Upholstery back support and seat

Black Dartex. Also available as an option in grey plush.

Back Support ECS, High

Description Item no.

Back Support ECS, low

Description Item no.


Available as an alternative to the push handles. Detachable and height adjustable. Here showed in combination with a head support.

Cross brace

Foldable, provides additional stability. Is recommended if the back support is set in a high position.

Solid seat

The solid seat gives the user a stable base of support. It is removable and must be equipped with a cushion. Available both for short and long seat. Easy to remove.

Seat cushion formed

Stuffing in polyeten. Also available as an option in memory foam.

Seat cushion flat

Stuffing in polyeten or memory foam.


The anti-tippers are easy to flip-up and fold down. Shorter anti-tippers are available for 20” rear wheels.


Transparent. Fits onto long arm supports.

Hemi tray

Transparent. Attach with velcro locking to armrest covers (included).

Positioning belt

With snap-lock, length adjustable. Two alternative attachment points on the frame.

Positioning Belt

Two alternative attachments points. At the seat/back joint and 10 cm (4”) further


Cane holder

In two parts; the cup is fitted to the inside of one of the tilters and the elastic strap is fitted around the cane.

Transport attachment

Fixing points for securing the wheelchair in a car for transport.

Description Item no.

Tool kit

Contains all necessary tools.

Plush upholstery

Adjustable plush upholstery in combination with Comfort cover. Bow handle is required for head support.

Arm support cover

Detachable and washable.


Etac Next Comfort, manual EN

User manual

Etac Next/Next Comfort EN

Prescription form

Etac Next Comfort

Recondition instruction

Etac manual wheelchairs Re-use

Accessory -Assembly instruction

Wire kit Next Comfort

Accessory -Assembly instruction

Angle limitation

Accessory -Assembly instruction

Attachment, user operated tilt - Next Comfort

Accessory -Assembly instruction

Backrest for Cross, Cross XL, Next and Next comfort

Accessory -Assembly instruction

Bow handle, adjustable in angle, Next

Accessory -Assembly instruction

Counterweight amputee Next

Accessory -Assembly instruction

Drum brake system Next Comfort

Accessory -Assembly instruction

Elevating legrest

Accessory -Assembly instruction

Footrest one piece

Accessory -Assembly instruction

Head support

Accessory -Assembly instruction

Legrest amputee

Accessory -Assembly instruction

Legrest for plaster

Accessory -Assembly instruction

Securement points, Next Comfort

Accessory -Assembly instruction

Solid seat for Cross, Cross XL, Next and Next comfort

Accessory -Assembly instruction

Trunk support adjustable

Sparepart list

Next Comfort EN

Pre purchase guide

Etac hygiene assortment and manual wheelchairs

Accessory -Assembly instruction

Armrest Hemi padded Cross / Next