A therapeutic non powered mattress overlay. Adjustable air cells with a dynamic air flow.

Four separate sections with a total of 720 air cells.

The StarMatt overlay consists of four sections, with 10 cm (4") high pliable air cells, which allows each section to be adjusted to the individual's body shape and needs without deforming soft tissue or restricting blood flow.

The soft air cells move independently of each other, allowing air to circulate between the cells. The slightest movement of air allows the individual to immerse into the StarMatt. This reduces the risk of shear and friction while blood circulation is stimulated, which improves oxygen and nutrition to the tissue. The StarMatt Overlay can be used for prevention and pain relief, as well as for treatment of all types of pressure ulcers.

The mattress sections are easily connected with push buttons and can be supplemented with a StarMatt Foam Replacement Section. If the mattress needs to be lengthened, a supplementary 15 cm (8") air cell section is available. Elastic hygiene covers are also available.

Variants and details

Single StarMatt mattress section 86 x 49 x 10 cm
Etac item number ESSM3520
A x B: Cell amount (W x D) 10x18
Cell height (mm) 100
Fire test EN597 1-2
Maximum user weight Unlimited
Warranty 2 years
Weight (kg) 3,25

Mattress Cleaning: Hand wash with soap, baking soda, or vinegar. For disinfection, use 70% disinfectant solution.
Cover Cleaning: Machine wash 60º C, no bleach


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