Nova StandUp sling

Easy to apply with minimal need for adjustments

  • Comfortable padded sit to stand support
  • Ideal for toileting situations

Nova StandUp sling is very easy to apply and has a minimal need for adjustments. Nova StandUp sling distributes weight over the back and provides a comfortable support for the user through the entire sit-to-stand movement. Moreover the sling’s belt is equipped with a belt which has an antislip surface on the inside for increased security and comfort.

Variants and details

Maximum user weight (kg) 300
Etac item number
Height (mm)
Recommended user weight (kg)
Waist size (mm)
Width (mm)
S 1722020 345 25-50 700-950 820
M 1722030 350 45-95 900-1050 935
L 1722040 350 90-165 1100-1150 1190
XL 1722050 350 160-240 1100-1300 1410
XXL 1722060 350 230-300 1250-1450 1580



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