Etac Rex wall mounted toilet arm support

Foldable, space-saving design for a reliable support.

Support designed for you
Etac Rex is available in three different lengths and in variants with or without supporting legs. Choose a model that suits you, your bathroom and your requirements. It can easily be fitted onto the wall and blends well into your bathroom environment.

Suitable for all bathrooms
The clever design ensures that the arm supports take up very little room when folded up. They are close to the wall and do not get in the way. Furthermore, thanks to their angled shape, it is always easy to reach and grip onto them. They are also designed to guarantee a gentle and smooth folding down process.


Comfortable grip

Comfortable grip

The triangular shape of the arm support provides a stable and natural grip.
Stable and safe

Stable and safe

Top quality materials and construction provides security when it is most needed. Etac Rex is also available with support legs if extra stability is required.
Easy to clean

Easy to clean

With its clean, smooth surfaces, the arm support is both stylish and easy to clean.
Smart design

Smart design

The arm supports take up very little room when folded up, while the angled shape makes\ them easy to reach, grip and fold down.

Variants and details

Material Aluminium, polyurethane, ABS plastic, polypropylene. Supporting leg: aluminium, polyamide, TPE, stainless steel.
Etac item number
Length (mm)
Maximum user weight (kg)
Weight (kg)
60 cm 81705010 600 135 2.7
70 cm 81705020 700 135 2.9
70 cm with supporting leg 81705030 700 150 3.6
85 cm 81705040 850 100 3.3
85 cm with supporting leg 81705050 850 150 4



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